Alcohol-Removed Wine Is More Than Just Grape Juice

By Thrillist Editorial 08/04/2020
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While zero-proof spirits and aperitifs soared from the get-go, alcohol-free wine has taken a bit longer to catch up.

That’s because many of the wines in this category lack the body and aroma of traditional wine, resulting in a drink that tastes much like grape juice. 

But there are plenty of stand-out options and thanks to a few highly curated shops like NYC’s Boisson, you can save yourself the guesswork.

It’s important to distinguish between non-alcoholic wines and de-alcoholized, or alcohol-removed, wines, which taste closer to the real deal. 

“They put the wine into a pressurized container, lower the air pressure until alcohol boils at room temperature, and then what’s left is everything else...

- Nick Bodkins, co-founder of Boisson 

"So what you end up with, then, is in effect still wine without that one component, which is the alcohol.”

So if you’re pregnant, it’s best to consult your physician.

Many alcohol-removed wines will still have a tiny amount of alcohol left over, but usually no higher than 0.5 percent ABV. 

with nutrition and ingredient labels. 

When choosing an alcohol-removed wine, Bodkins recommends looking out for bottles that are FDA regulated,

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